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down, you could count to 1 million in just under 4 days. A billion however is 1000 million, so it would take you over 10 and a half years to count to one billion! 4.6 billion would require 50 years of non stop counting. Now, imagine that every number that you counted is a whole year long!!! Perhaps this gives you a better idea of just how long the Earth has been around, and how much time and change the Earth has been through. Approximately 3.5 billion years ago Archean Beginnings . evidence of the first life. The early Earth was quite different from today with constant bombardment by meteorites, intense volcanism, and a poisonous atmosphere. However, fossils known as stromatolites in rocks 3 to 3.5 billion years old show geologists that life Cheap jerseys evolved very early in the Earth’s history. During the time known as the Archean (4 billion to 2.5 billion years ago) stromatolite fossils are very rare. Cheap jerseys Canada has three of the world’s known examples at Red Lake, Ontario, Steep Rock Lake, Ontario, and
. officials are not concerned. clashed with Test cricket down there before and our attendances were still high, Hitchcock said. event at Symmons Plains speaks for itself and we look forward to making it bigger and better again. State Government last month announced it had secured the V8s until 2019, with supercar officials committing to a five year deal worth $6.125 million, including $2 million for facility upgrades. The V8 calendar release means Motorsport Tasmania, which owns and operates Symmons Plains Raceway, can get on with the job of preparing the venue. are very pleased that a new agreement has been reached for a five year term as it gives us the opportunity to continue to develop our business and the facility, said Motorport Tasmania general manager Dick Caplice. is welcome news for all Tasmanians. the timing of the event in late March, when we still have daylight saving and good weather, it will be a great spectacle for the state. we all have phones and calenders why not committees
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