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Numero Uno Web Solutions Says Most Businesses to Increase 2015 Internet Marketing Budget According to a recent study, 75% of businesses believe that Internet marketing is or effective Cheap jerseys at attracting new customers; in 2013, that number stood at 68%. Twenty percent of respondents said Internet marketing is not effective and four percent don do any Internet marketing. the same time, at 20%, there are still a large number of businesses that are not getting value for their money. If their online marketing campaign isn working, perhaps it time to start looking for a different Internet marketing firm. study also found that 37% of respondents plan to increase their Internet marketing budgets in 2015, versus just 21% in 2014. Further, at 47%, almost half are unsure whether or not they are going to increase their online marketing budgets. The number of brands who have no plans to increase their Internet marketing budgets this year has been halved to just 16%, down from 32% last year.fact of the matter is that Internet marketing helps brands connect with more customers. The number of businesses that are going to increase their Internet marketing budgets in 2015 is up 76% year over year at 37%, Libarian concludes. how much brands spend each month depends on the size, but businesses with 50 or more employees already spend $3,200 on average each month. In 2015, more than a quarter of marketers plan on boosting their online marketing budgets by as much as 25%.
Honda Aero Receives FAA Production Certificate For HF120 Turbofan Jet Engine in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). HAI is responsible for the production of the GE Honda Aero Engines (GHAE) HF120 turbofan engine that powers the HondaJet and other GHAE customers’ aircraft. "This is a great achievement for our team of Honda Aero associates and an important milestone in our effort to meet the needs of customers for the HF120 engine," said HAI President Masahiko Izumi. "Much work has gone into preparing for this certification, and we will continue working to support GE Honda Aero Engines as they prepare for entry into service with the HF120 engine." Initial production of the HF120 engines took place at GE’s Lynn facility in Massachusetts. At the end of 2014, HAI started assembly of the HF120 under GHAE’s Wholesale NFL jerseys Type Certification (TC) and with FAA oversight. With this program milestone, HAI’s Burlington facility can now produce engines under the HAI Production Certificate. HAI is the first company
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