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For Your Website Jim site has helped 1000 of regular folks profit online. In the process I found a great new tool, and a slick way to learn "exactly" what my website visitors are looking for. Through the last few years I tried 3 or 4 different solutions to a nagging problem. how to let users easily search through my site. Each time I try a new service, script or software program I run into a problem. Either the searching was too slow, the search engine results were lousy or it just plain didn work. Well I happy to report that I finally found a permanent solution. My guess is that it will be a great solution for many of you as well. It is a slick, independently hosted search solution for corporations, small businesses, and individual web developers. Atomz With Atomz, absolutely anyone can quickly and easily add a powerful search engine to any Web site, and the service is free for sites with less than 500 pages. What even better is it fast! I got my own Atomz search engine 100% up and running in minutes. Actually, to put the Atomz engine at your site, there nothing to do but fill out a few forms, decide what areas you want your visitors to be able to search through and turn Atomz loose to index your pages. In seconds it spits out html code for you to add to your pages. You paste the code into any page you want a search form on, then upload the page to your site. Bingo. Done. Wholesale jerseys But there really much more to Atomz than a great site search engine. It holds a value for savvy web marketers who really aim to please. Now the Atomz fun starts. As your visitors search your site, Atomz logs what they enter and then creates reports for you by day, week, and month. These reports let you understand what visitors are looking for on your site. You can use this information to improve your site or to further improve the search results for your visitors.
the power of the support group where others can ask you questions that you wouldn TMt think to ask yourself " answers to which reveal elements about you as a person and as Cheap jerseys a leader. This support group concept was modeled off of the men TMs support group that has shaped Bill TMs life and, he believes, has played a significant role in his success. I can go to the group for any issue from business to personal, from current issues to discussing what kind of legacy we want to leave. I TMm a big advocate of having a support group and I think it can be very advantageous for people. This belief carries over to his married life; Bill and his wife, Penny, get together monthly with three other couples as they have for the last 23 years. We talk about what really matters in life, what TMs really important. It TMs also good to have a group of people who really know you to give you feedback and help you talk through decisions. Authentic leaders are self aware. It TMs not that authentic leaders possess some innate ability
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