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premise upon which the mistaken war was sold to the American public. The very notion is absurd, and it is almost inexplicable Cheap nike jerseys now, in hindsight, how so many of us bought the idea with so little questioning. Our invasion of Iraq led to deaths of more than 4,000 brave Americans and half a million Iraqis> It cost us a staggering $2 trillion (or, over 10 percent of our national debt). Yet those who seek to be our next president cannot bring themselves to clearly state MLB jerseys we erred, and erred badly? Instead, Rubio is, this week, quoting the action movie Taken in explaining his foreign policy views. Does this sound like (A) a man fit to be commander in chief, (B) a teenager playing video games who’s had too much sugar, or (C) a bro at the Hard Rock Vegas Sunday pool party? (Hint: It isn’t "A"). Meanwhile, a sharp and somber Hillary Clinton, who voted in favor of the war, unequivocally and rightly stated this week that her vote was a "mistake." Whom will voters prefer come 2016? It’s time for both
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